Snake Proofing

In conjunction with the removal service, we can also snake proof areas to make it more difficult for the animals to shelter in these areas. We also offer advice to home owners on how to maintain their house and yard so as not to attract snakes to the area.

Snakes can roam over a very large area (up to 5 hectares). The main reason a snake will be in your area is a food source or shelter. If these are taken away there will be no reason for the snake to inhabit your property.

Not all situations can be solved, snakes are very fond of water and the creatures that live in it are a great source of food for them. If you have a river or large pond it may not be practical to create a barrier around this.

Food scraps left out that attract rats and mice will also attract snakes. Out door aviaries with uneaten bird seed or the birds themselves will also attract snakes.