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Please call us at 1 300 599 938 for urgent issues such as snake removal, or use the form below to request snakeproofing services

Hello Everyone, Our 1300 number is down. CALL 0423 192 379 if you need advice or help.
regards, Sydney Snake Catcher Team
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Thanks too all who applied for our receptionist position. There were so many among you who would have excelled at this role. It was a hard choice, but now I'd like to welcome Paulina to our team.
Best wishes to you all in your search for work.
Stay safe this xmas season.
Regards Jo
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We have been seeing lots of misinformation about the invasive CORN snake hoping this may clear up any questions ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

Sydney Snake Catchers

Hi everyone,

We have been getting asked why we charge for snake removals?

We at Sydney Snake Catchers charge fees and provide a professional snake removal service.

The reasons we charge.

1. For the catchers time.
2. It is a dangerous job and catchers have a family to consider.
3. License to catch native animals is (yearly).
4. Petrol and car maintenance
7.Catching equipment and overheads.
8.Snake catchers are professionally trained.
9.Snake catchers are personally licenced and insured to cover you and your property.

What’s the difference between Wildlife Organisations and Professional Snake Catchers ?

Wildlife organisations are not snake catchers and they assist sick animals, and only rescue animals to be medically assisted. Where Snake catchers, catch a snake to keep the people and the animals safe.

At Sydney snake catchers We understand that times are tough for everyone at the moment. If you do have an unwanted scaly friend please call us and speak to our staff politely. We will do my best to help you and the snake.

When on the phone we will ask you a series of questions to help identify whether you have a snake or not? These questions help establish whether you do need to spend that cost or not for a catcher. We do not want to rip anyone off and want to make sure you are safe as well as the animal, and will do our best to protect them.

Thank you, I hope this answers some peoples questions. The Sydney Snake Catchers team
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11 months ago

Sydney Snake Catchers

I’ve been out conducting building assessments in Malua Bay. So much destruction of homes and bush land. The photo of burnt land was a swamp!!! Other photos show home owners who lost homes, still thinking to leave water out for wildlife. Bloody legendary!
Stay safe everyone!
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